Blood Borne Infections Research Center


Blood Borne Infections Research Center

Saturday ، 03 April 2021


With the aim of performing of basic and applied researches in the field of common infectious diseases in our region, a research group entitled "Behavioral and Infectious Diseases" was established in the Khorasan Razavi Branch of Iranian Academic center for Education, Culture and Research (ACECR), in 2004. In July 2008, the Council for Supervision and Development of Research Organizations of ACECR approved this research group with the new title: "HIV/AIDS, HTLV and viral Hepatitis".

In December 2016, the Council for the Development of Medical Universities of Iran’s Ministry of Health and Education agreed with the research group activities in the form of a national research center. Since then, it has been known with the new title of the "Blood Borne Infections Research Center".

Research Orientation:

  1. Determination of the epidemiological pattern of bloodborne infections, including viral hepatitis, HIV/AIDS and HTLV-1 in the Iranian general population and high-risk groups
  2. Assessment of bloodborne infections Knowledge, attitudes and practices (KAP studies)
  3. Identification of pathogenic mechanisms of bloodborne infections through basic studies
  4. Improving the level of public and professionals’ knowledge and attitudes about bloodborne infections